New comprehensive cross-sector calculation tool available for beta testing.

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New ICAT Policy Assessment Guides for Countries

In May,?the?Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT)?launched?a series of?policy?assessment guides?that?offer a?set of methodologies?to?help countries assess the impacts of policies and actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, achieve sustainable development outcomes and drive transformational change.?The assessment guides build?in part?upon the?Greenhouse Gas Protocol?Policy and Action Standard?developed?by?WRI.?Following the publication of the guides,?ICAT hosted a series of?webinars?to support policymakers and technical experts to utilize the?assessment?guides. The guides are intended to assist countries in?improving?policy design and implementation, informing?goal setting such as for NDCs, providing?information for reporting domestically or internationally, and attracting?finance by demonstrating the results of effective policies.


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